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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Goulash Greetings!!! / Mates con Goulash

We have jumped on the blog bandwagon. Ok, so we are 14+ days in Budapest and not speaking a word of Hungarian, except Kosanem, meaning... thank you. So we are saying Kosanem for everything whether it is appropriate or not. We gotta a learn a few more words. So, here is a picture of Mr. D on one of our many walks during our first week. The picture was taken near Margaret Bridge, which connects Pest to Buda (over the Danube). Even more importantly, we were standing near a body shop called Lush, where I bought the best bubble bath EVER.

Hola!, entonces....creamos este blog para poder actualizar a los descamisados sobre nuestras aventuras en Europa del Este. Se que empezamos por Budapest pero con Jesse nucna se sabe, tal vez terminemos en Tokio o en algun lugar remoto. (que no es lo mismo que maremoto, ojito). Hace 14 dias llegamos a esta cuidad (Budapest) y esta foto la sacamos en una de las principales avenidas ( Szent Istvan Korut) o Avenida San Esteban (Leandro se va a reir con esto...yeah...karma). Duncan esta sentadito espearando que Jesse termine de comprar jabon para la baƱera. esto es a una cuadra del puente Margaret, uno de los puentes que conecta Buda de Pest, estamos en el lado de Pest (mas movida y es mas cool). Duncan mira el TRAM siempre (el tren que va por la calle) cuando camina se detiene a mirarlo, tal vez piensa que es un perro robot gigante!


Blogger Mom said...

That is the cutest picture of Duncan ever!!
Now Hungarian is vaguely coming back to me from my childhood becuae i remember kusanem
I think Cervus means hello and ceret lec means i love you
Mimi Goodman(Mom)

5:20 PM  
Blogger jergood said...

It definitely put a smile on my face to see that cute, cute picture of Duncan.
Love to all,
Duncan's Grandpa
PS I think the only Hungarian phrase I know is for "kiss my ass"

3:00 AM  
Blogger celestita said...

Maxi, jessie, Dunkan
Csia Szivem !!! Hogy Vagy!!!?
What may I say if you are in the Country of Love!!!
I wish you the very best and I hope hope hope to be there soon!!!
Enjoying your time there!
Dunkan is very cute!
Pedi a San Esteban (tu santo) or Mi !
Kisses Csokolom (chocolom) Besos !

How Are you Como estas HOGY VAGY
Gracias Thank You KOSONOM
I love you Te Amo SZERETLEK



4:08 AM  
Blogger chickenbones said...

my life-long dream of becoming a commentor on a blog has finally come true. and this blog... it's amazing!
it just warms my heart to know that duncan is in budapest and not in my future building... dreams can come true!

7:07 PM  
Blogger Jimo said...

Hola chicos
Glad you've entered the world of blog. You guys look handsome as ever. Must be all the Belgian sun (or chocolate) Big love from Jimo...

11:54 AM  
Blogger Magnus said...

Thanks for this great blog - I like your initial asessment about Chico; 'this is probably a Hungarian kind of thing - just leaving ones dogs.' Giving way to the recognition, after a spell of sign language, grunts, facial expressions of concern, pointing, worry, and headscratching, that; 'hey they're concerned too!'

More pictures of you two and of various details around the neighborhood, please!

Love from Big Sur in the sun just breaking through the morning fog...


9:41 AM  

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