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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bye Bye temporary Flat/ Chau Chau depto temporario!

Para español siga bajando por favor, muchas gracias...Bu Bu!!!

Hola! so ....we are moving...again! in three days or so..., we found this amazing apartment around this square called SZABADSAG (which I think.... it means BLT sandwich). We were told that several scenes of Munich (spielberg latest movie) was shot there, so you can imagine....the new yorker & the nuyoargentinean said: WE'LL TAKE IT!!, we can't be out of the loop of this magical scenery, natural stage for talented actors surrounded by abandoned greens and obscene architecture. Few blocks from the parliament and Danube, I bet this will be our headquarters for a while.

the pics belong to our temporary apartment, in the 8th district. This arrondissement is like a stew made of people... colliding to go to work or just passing by....but most of them are here to have some rejoice at the old yellow church ....silent witness of our great adventure....yes.....no......no.....don't...don't......don't speak!!!

Love you all,

Max Sinclair

jelou!!...nos mudamos...otra vez! hemos encontrado este departamento a dos cuadras del Parlamento y del rio Danubio. La plaza se llama SZABADSAG y sera el nuevo baño publico de Duncan, podra hacer popo ahi. el agente que nos mostro el depto nos dijo que habian filmado varias escenas de la pelicula Munich y como veran, un Nyorker y uno medio y medio lo tomaron enseguida, es muy dificil decirle no al glamour del estrellato y la fama. El barrio es muy lindo, muchos edificios antiquismos y muy paquete, dudamos un poco en tomarlo, pero viendo otros barrios era sin duda nuestra mejor opcion. las fotos de este aviso son de nustro departamento actual, lo dejaremos en dos o tres dias. las viejas van a la iglesia religiosamente, yo las miro con Duncan mientras tomo mate, estamos en el anteultimo piso. Y nieva....llueve...nieva....llueve. Por suerte pasara pronto. Les mando un beso!



Blogger Amber said...


9:51 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

The view from the old apartment looks amamzing...send us some photos of the new place
can hardly wait to see you and it
We are counting the days
(mothers don't write amusing little comments on blogs!

6:00 PM  
Blogger shanghaistein said...

As expected, you two are assimilating to your new home away from home. As a traveler of the globe I too know the joys of wandering a place with no idea how to communicate, hehehe. I hope you guys have alot of fun out there and stay safe.
Luv ya both!

7:37 AM  

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