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Monday, October 09, 2006

Jerusalem, Dead Sea & Shana Tova/ Jerusalem, Mar Muerto y Anio Nuevo

Jerusalem....ay ay ay...what a place, muslims, catholics and jewish poeple walking down the streets. All the sacred places for each religion, couldn't asimilate everything right away so we ate in a great place, small ...for locals...nice hummus and soup...we talked candid topics and we were overheard by a weirdo that follow us ...kind of....we had our own Via Dolorosa with him. We went to the wailing wall, did the via dolorosa and went thru tunnels under Jeruslaem...oh!..and run away from merchants and sellers...head of pigs and cats. Next day we went to the Dead sea, we did the mud treatment and I got water in my eyes so I was kind of blind for some minutes.we learnt some sign language with some arabian girls that were there. We met argentineans from Cordoba and help them after when the car broke. We came back and we celebrate Shana tova...shana tova ...shana tova!!...we had an amazing dinner with Shahar's family.I think is a tradition for one of the members to eat he's own hand. SHANA TOVA!!//Jerusalem, que lugar!...musulmanes, catolicos y judios, todos en un solo lugar..por las calles. Se respira tanta religion en el aire que decidimos ir a un localcito musulman y comer hummus y tomar una sopa. Estabamso hablando temas candentes cuando uno nos escucho y no lo podiamos sacar de encima. Hicimos la via dolorosa, fuimos al muro de los lamentos y a los tuneles. Escapamos de los vendedore y de los gatos. Al otro dia fuimos al mar muerto, descansamos y conocimos a unos cordobeses, muy simpaticos. Los ayudamos luego ya que el auto se les rompio. De vuelta fuimos a la casa de la mama de Shahar a celebrar el año nuevo, cenamos riquisimo y fumamos hookah.Uno de los miembros de la familia se come su propia mano por tradicion... SHANA TOVA!!


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