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Friday, October 06, 2006

Kosice (Slovakia)/ Kosice (Eslovakia)

Wow!!...we went to Kosice (Slovakia) to pick up our visas but they weren't ready. It sucked but we went after 4 days and we have them now. Peter went with us and so as Duncan. We wacthed the dancing waters they danced "don't cry for me Argentina".....music was coming from everywhere in the main square. Duncan was looking at everybody for treats , did some prays at the cathedral and chase some nuns. In the background we listened the entire Paris Hilton cd from a record store and we were surprised that was her! ( yes...it was weird...the whole scene). Andy Warhol's parents were from Kosice and also barbara Pisch...she is as cool as Andy!(she is our friend & neighbour in NY)/ Fuimos a Kosice en Eslovakia, con Pedro y con Duncan. En la plaza principal hay aguas danzantes, van al compas de la musica y pasaron "no llores por mi Argentina"..snif...luego escuchamos el cd de Paris Hilton mientras esperabamos nuestras visas...la musica de paris venia de una disqueria. Las visas no estaban listas aun asi que volvimos dias despues. Los Padres de Andy Warhol vivian en Kosice y tambien Barbara Pisch, nuestra amiga y vecina en NY, es tan copada como Andy!


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