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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Victor Victoria & Denise

Vic and Denise came from NY, we had a real kerfuffle since we had celeste and Sara and we were all rotating form bed to bed,coach to mattresses, Duncan was asking: - dude, what's going on here?!....well...we saw the Argentina vs germany match together and then we went to eat and we ended up having a beer in one of our favorite beerhouses. Vic and Denise will get married soon so buena suerte!

Vic and Denise vinieron desde NY, tuvimos un quilombo con las camas, sofas, ibamos rotando de colchon al sofa y del sofa a la cama, nos encontramos con que celeste , Sara y ellos estaban en casa!, la pasamos re lindo, fuimos ver el partido de Argentina vs Alemania juntos y vimos como nos derrotaron,bueno...con suerte. Denise y Victor se casan pronto asi que Good Luck!!


Blogger donkey said...

Hey, I recognize that restaurant!

I can still taste my gypsy style bacon...

love, Peter

1:15 PM  

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