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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sam, Günther & Greg visit the Goolivas/ Sam, Gunther & Greg nos visitan

Sam & Günther left the Capital of World Cup 2006 and came to Budapest to visit for a couple of days. They managed to go to almost every bath in the city and cook delicious german sausages.Thay also interact with a chicken. Greg came from NYC and stayed with us as well. Went to bierhauses and meet our french friends. Took us for dinner to celebrate his pre- birthday and what can I say....he's fantastic!. Happy Birthday Greg!!! / Sam & gunther dejaron la capital del Mundial de futbol 2006 y legaron a Budapest, vivnieron por unos dias y recorrimos casi todos los baños termales. Junto a huesos de pollo, por supuesto. Esa semana llego Greg tambien, desde New York, festejamos su cumple en una pizzeria italiana. La pasamos bombaaaa. Feliz cumple Greg!!


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