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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Picnic in Szentendre

So..... we escape from Budapest for one day only and went to Szentendre, this beautiful small serbian town. We went with two of the hottest girls in Budapest...Dora & Agi....today is agi's B-day ...so Happy Birthday Agi!
After 20 minutes on the train we arrived and we start walking along a stream and then we had a picnic and we played UNO. during our several courses we realised we couldn't taste a nice piece of ham that Dora's papa made because we forgot to bring a knife but we ate cheese and crackers.
We walked the town, it's georgeous...full of surprises in every corner, fantastic views, little shops and cafes are at your feet.

We watched a band playing traditional songs too. Made a loop on a cementery and played some sort of hungarian competition....who's got the longest arm. I won't say who was the winner ....I'm affraid of the consequences.....just a hint......"happy birthday....to...youuuuuu".
We took Duncan and left him out from the leash in some areas. He was so thrilled!....we loved this town and we will come back!


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