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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sandi & Edith go on a Holiday

Budapest will never be the same post the S&E visit. The girrrls arrived Friday afternoon and we spent our first hours walking along the Danube. Then we had snacks at Max and my favorite Hungarian restaurant, dinner in a pub, and dessert at Menza... where S&E had to order Unicom, the most popular and nasty local liquor..tastes like Jagermeizer (don't remember how to spell that one..) and what else, we really packed it in and they are still here, wandering about town, getting into trouble, while we are busy at work. They really did get into trouble as Edith just called to tell me they were fined on the tram for not having a ticket, but back to the memories.... Saturday morning we went to Esceri flea market... the transit museum with the strangest mannequins ever, Saturday night brought S&E to a crashing halt in the earlier evening, as Max and I went to a play... They revived however in time to join for dinner at Fat Mo's where we celebrated life with two bottles of local wine.. Then off to Capella's, a strange club, but as they say, one of the only shows in town... That part of the evening gets a little fuzzy, it is best to move on.. Sunday brought the Rudas bath.. where we played a wet game of dominos..... a walk to the Castle district in Buda and the coolest tourist attraction ever, an underground Labyrinth.. our only light was a lantern.. E&S will have to explain...then more walking and more walking in the light rain and to continue with the Turkish theme, a Turkish dinner was in order and then I crashed.. hard... So, it is Monday and we still get the girls for one more night... It has been a whirlwind of pleasure.. Oh and the Funicular.. In NYC, the back of the Taxi can be a sacred place... in Budapest, it is the Funicular...


Blogger Peter.Hale said...

Back of the taxicab?? Uh oh, Sandi is at it again! Funny, last year at this time we were in Miami. Who would have thought...

6:47 PM  
Blogger Gooliva said...

DJ Hale... When you coming to visit? I miss you, chico....

4:02 AM  
Blogger Stinky said...

Wow - those pictures couldn't have made me miss all of you more!! NEXT TIME, I WILL NOT BE LEFT IN NY! So, S&E, when's the next trip out?

J & M, I MISS YOU TONS! You guys just seem to fit so well in your surroundings - seriously, aesthetically, it totally works.


12:08 PM  
Blogger jergood said...

How could I not have realized that we are both J & M's. Thanks, Stinky.
Love ya,

12:28 PM  
Blogger Peter.Hale said...

Jerrgood...J&M how could we have all missed that one? Wow. Take's awhile sometimes huh.

10:33 PM  

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