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Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh Berlin!

Well...after my b-day we went to Berlin for 4 days and we have the opportunity of meeting Joyce (Jesse's relative) and staying for two days at her apartment in the west part of the city. She is lovely and has the glamour that we were looking for in a relative!, we talked about family and stories about the city. After staying with her we left to meet one of the sweetest guys on earth, Mr. Sam.. he was introduced to us by the famous chicken Bones. Hope you are pleased now Chicken bones....but does not for here.Sam lives in the east part of the city ( it's one city, of course, no more walls please) but it's incredible to see the difference still. so....Sam..., Günther (his dutch?....boyfriend) and Lazy Susan made our trip unforgettable. We walked so much, have a great time at Roses bar, went to a parade (party) for labor day and see red flags with Mr. Stalin and all that. Of course we went to different parts of the city to check the wall and still quite can't believe it happened. Sam and Günther were amazing hosts, they were tour guides and we didn't know....so much to learn.....I love when people knows a lot about their citis, I just love it...I just love a lot fo people...people....PEOPLE!!! Oh!...the architecture in this city is insane, better than NY!!...Enjoy the pics. Thanks to our German, American and Dutch new friends.Love!!

Despues de mi cumple fuimos a Berlin por 4 dias. Conocimos a Joyce, prima de Jesse, un eslabon reencontrado. Ella es parte de la flia que quedo en Europa durante la 2da guerra mundial. Nos quedamos con ella por dos dias, vive en la parte oeste de la ciudad, un barrio muy lindo. Luego nos quedamos con Sam (el rubio d epelo largo) y con su novio Gunther. Sam es americano y Guther es aleman( yo lo jodo y digo que es holandes). Nos recorrimos todo, museo, el dome (cupula) , basilicas, sinagogas, memorials y por supuesto el muro de Berlin. tambien restaurantes y bares gay. No hicimos compras ( supuestamente ibamos a comprar ropa), no hubo tiempo, pero no importa ya que la pasamos re lindo. el este es increible, muy distinto a la otra parte aunque ahora esten juntos desde hace años. Besotes.


Blogger chickenbones said...

you forgot to mention who it was that brought you two and Mr. Sam together. You guys really have forgotten me!

12:26 PM  
Blogger chickenbones said...

I'm so happy! Everything and everyone is beautiful! Life is beautiful!. I'm so happy! ... happy!

8:32 AM  

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