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Friday, May 05, 2006

Dumpling & Tempura in Budapest

Aida made it again!!...what a fantastic surprise!...she came with Adan (her lovely brother)...so last year we decided to have special names...Aida is dumpling, Adan is tempura, Jesse is matzah ball and I'm empanada, yesterday we came out with Duncan's name: Short bread ( we have to honor his scottish ancestors!) . The guys came for two days, they are leaving today. last night we went to check the Opera of Budapest and eat pizza, pizza, pizza. We took a group picture before we came to work...oops...yes...I'm at work but shhhh. Aida was in every apt that Jesse lived, neck to neck with Kristina...so Kris...we are waiting!

Aida lo ha hecho nuevamente, vino por dos dias y la pasamos barbaro. Vino con Adan, su hermano. Fuimos a la Opera y caminar por Budapest. Estan viendo fotos de la opera. Aida ha estado en todos los departamentos en los cuales Jesse ha vivido. Conoci a Aida al otro dia de conocer a Jesse y no nos hemos despegado!, la pasamos muy lindo, Feliz cumple Aida, espero la hayas pasado muy lindo, te quiero mucho! la foto grupal la sacamos hoy de maƱana. Increible, no?


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