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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sam arrived from Madrid (but she is 100 % british) and she stayed with us for a couple of days. My God! she knows how to cook, she made amazing Indian samosas that I'm still craving of. We all went to Austria for some shopping spree and to visit Wunderbasser museum. Sam Manged also to take some pics of our hot neighbour but we missed the chance to get the picture of him naked. My stupid camera is broken. Ah!!....Yes....Sam took the train to Istambul and we said Goodbye at Keleti Station. She cooked for us, she clean everything...she was awsome. We love you Sam!!!!///Sam llego de Madrid , pero es 100 % inglesa, se quedo con nosotros por unos dias. Fuimos a Austria a pasar el dia , a hacer unas compras y al museo de Wunderbasser. Sam le saco una foto a nuestro vecino que se parte en 10 , pero no le pudo sacar la foto cuando estaba en bolas, el muy desgraciado se pasea en pelotas y nosotros aca rezando a San Expedito para que nos vea!, Sam se tomo el tren el la estacion Keleti , salio para Estambul. Sam Nos cocino empanadas indas, nos lavaba las cosas, fue increible. La adoramos!!


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