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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visit To Bela

We did it again!...we made it to Vesces to visit Bela but we did not manage to go to mass this time. The first time we went we made it but this time we were sleepy since we went to a Wine Festival en Etyek. Vesces is close to the Airport and we went to have some nice talk and A MA ZING lunch as usual with our friend Bela and Peter, both Holy fathers. Sara came with us this time and took a cool nap..like me and Duncan. Bela helped Jesse to find out more about Jesse's ancestors. They discovered that Jesse's great greatparents were in Kassa (Kosice) - Slovakia which was part of Hungary before. We were there several times because we went to pick up our visas. Peter hale was there and so Duncan. Barbara, our loved neighbour in NY is from there too, we are amazed!. They managed to find out what is in all those documents and birth certificates....amazing...this will continue...and every time we go there we ended up in food coma, everything is so tasty and Bela & Peter are such great guys. WE LOVE THEM!!!///Lo hicimos otra vez, fuimos a Vesces, un pueblito q esta cerca del aeropuerto de Budapest. Fuimos a visitar a Bela, un cura parroco que es muy amigo nuestro y que visitamos ya por segunda vez. Esta vez no logramos llegar a misa a tiempo, pero si lllegamos para el almuerzo. Siempre es IMPRESIONANTE. El otro cura es Peter, los dos son unos personajes barbaros. Los queremos mucho. Llevamos a Sara y luego de comer se quedo dormida, yo dormi en el jardin, echado con Duncan. Bela ayudo a Jesse a averiguar mas sobre sus parientes aca en Hungria. Descubrieron que los tatatarabuelos vivian en Kassa- (ahora Kosice) en Eslovakia, ahi fuimos varias veces a buscar nuestras visas y Peter hale tambien estubo ahi. antes era parte de Hungria. uestra vecina Barbara , en NY es de ahi tambien!! Increible.!!


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