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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amsterdam-The Hague-Family Reunion

On Sunday we went to The Hague to visit Jesse's relatives : Judith & Kong. we brought them Unicum, and we drunk a little bit. Unicum is a bitter apperitiv from Hungary, which I love. Judith prepared a delicious hungarian diner, it was sooo good. We talked to them and they are as sweet as you can see in the pictures. Kong's showed us his atelier, where he does his art. It was trully inspiring. Before we left, he gave us two eggs that he painted as a souvenir. It was so cool to meet them, I discover that they were travelers like us.....well...family.// El domingo fuimos a The Hague a visitar parientes de Jesse, Jusith y Kong. Tomamos un poquito de Unicum, que es una bebida fuerte, lo tomamos como aperitivo. Es tipica de Hungria.Judith preparo una cena increible, hungara. Luego de comer Kong nos mostro su arte y su atelier. Es increible como pinta. Antes de irnos nos regalo dos huevos pintados por el.Son re lindos y la verdad es que te inspiran un monton, ya noviajan mas pero viajaban mas que nosotros, por lo que nos han contado, en fin....familia.


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