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Friday, October 27, 2006


So we arrived in Amsterdam and we stayed in a cozy place. Went to Rembrandt House, smoked some herbs and got lost, of course. Beautiful days a beautiful town. They have such a cool chinatown, that was the first thing that I found! So many argentineans restaurants, can't believe it!! I guess that's why they call it red zone, because of the meat from Argentina, not for the girls...c' mon people. Jesse and Jerry went for bike rides and I went with the girls to do some shopping, couldn't handle bikes these days, not sure why. We also celebrated Mimi's B-day in advance, we won't be in NY so we went to a ...mmm...let me guess...Argentinean??...well it wasn't really but it was nice.// Llegamos a Amsterdam, me sorprendio lo lindo que es, me recordo mucho a Venecia. Fuimos a la casa de Rembrandt y nos tocaron dias re lindos. Hay muchisimos restaurantes Argentinos, ahora se por que le llaman la zona roja, no es por las chicas, es por la carne argentina!...impresionante. Jesse y Jerry fueron a dar vueltas en bici y nosotros fuimos a coprar ropa (mimi y Sara). No podia manejar bicis, fumamos tantos fasos que andaba perdido todo el tiempo. Ni bien llegue me perdi y quede en el centro del Chinatown, esta buenisimo! Festejamos el cumple de Mimi por adelanatdo ya que no estaremos en NY. fuimos a una resto argentino, colombiano Chileno, una mezclaaaaaa


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