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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Budapest Farewell/Despedida Budapest

What an amazing time we spend in Hungary, how important for us was to experience all this. Beautiful people, guys and girls, friendly (sometimes...ha ha...just kidding...not...yes....not), extremely helpful and God...what crazy adventures we had there. We will never forget all this. so many things ...ok...random images...here we gooo: Rudas, synagoga, Moskva ter, Deak ferenc Ter, Andrassy, Palascinta....Goulash, the Gabors, The Ferencs, The Zolties, the Zsuzsas, the Doras,Ms. Foldesi & Julien (aka cookie Monster ) our first freinds in Budapest!!, Szilvie, the always full Menza,Sasa, Csillas, Misi and the super dooper massage,Gozsij, ( I spell it right this time), La Petite Francaise Kft, haa...Olivia & Cedric, Eduaaaardoooo,Action bar...(:)) the controllers and the tram...of course..Gergo, Rolito, Lidia, Studio Moderna Kft, ABC Elelemiszer, Coxx, Eclectika, Simon (sorry for my mental asociation Simon!), Caroline, Joris and Achilles, Isaure et Clement plus Mae, the french community....Tamagochiiiiiii, Alibi, Desire Dubonet and her singing??, Capella, Sarita and Ellen & Justin,Zsanette & Bacsi, George Michael concert, Robbie williams concert too.Margit Island, Chain Bridge. spoon, the chinese market, Bela, Bela's cook, all our guests, Pannon recharge card, UPC, Baross utca,Trafo, Pal Frenak, Siofok, Balaton,the gay parade, Dr. Barna (our dentist...I call him Mr. Brown),the parlament, the movie that were shooting in the parlament, Futo utca and Logodi,Aaron, Match supermarket and CBA. OUr view from our apartment with the castle...at night and by the morning....our hot neighbour, always coming out half naked or naked to his balcony (pictured w/his lovely parents) :)...We love you all and we will miss you. We will add more stuff here you can add by commenting....I need Jesse to complete this!///Chau Budapest, aca va la lista de amigos y cosas que extra├▒aremos.


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happy we got to visit you there!

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