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Saturday, October 06, 2007


mmmm...yummy tea...scones...and high prices....So we arrived to London!!! ...Gosh...what a beginning!...I was feeling really sick and we were wondering around teh city for a couple of hours till our apt was ready. We found a place where we can get yerba mate and coffee so we entered and I said Jo napot! and the employees starting laughing. They were all from Hungary, the three of them, we chatted and they were very sweet. They are 2 blocks form Jesse's job in Soho. We also found a hungarian restaurant a block from there!...gay ...something is called (seriously).We went to a cinema complex, independent one, to have some tea, I went to the toilett to vomit, and on my way back thru the stairs I made eye contact with this man who was coming down and he stared at me and smile and say hello so I replied hello, knowing him from somewhere. after 5 minutes of being with Jesse I realize he was Anton Corbijn (director & Photographer) (U2, Depeche Mode etc). He was going to do a talk on his latest movie called Control in that Cinema. I was surprised and couldn't go back there to talk to him, I was feeling like shit!! Sad...:(

We are very happy and still discovering the city and fiding out where are we going to live. We were looking apartments, Jesse started working already and it seems that we are moving to Shoredicth, a nice happening and trendy area. Duncan will join us in 4 months, our furry friend is under quarantine in Budapest, he's having fun scaring an barking old ladies with white bags in Budapest, that's what we heard. We are now living in Marylebone hood, on Dunwerston street and Crawford. We are 3 blocks from Baker Street Station and walking distance from Sherlock's Holmes House museum, also very close to Madame Tussaud's Museum and Regent's park. We are still in the clouds and trying to adapt as fast as we can. We go to Tesco express to get our groceries and we take walks with Jesse. More news to come! Besos!// Té rico y tambien los scones!..los precios...altisimos. Cuando llegamos descubrimos un cafe lleno de hungaros y tambien un restaurante, seguimos conectados con Hungria. Fui al baño de un cine independiente, y cuando volvia de Vomitar, ya que estaba muy enfermo, me cruce con un tipo al que reconoci de no se donde y nos quedamos mirando y me dijo hola y le devolvi el hola pero segui de camino hacia arriba. despues de 5 minutos me di cuenta de que era Anton Corbijn, el fotografo y director de U2, Depeche mode etc. Estaba por hacer una charla por su ultima peli, Control.

Con Jesse estamos descubriendo londres de a poquito, tratando de adaptarnos lo mas pronto posible. Creo que nos mudaremos al barrio que se llama Shoredicth, es copado. Duncan viene en 4 meses, esta en Budapest bajo cuarentena, escuchamos que esta asustando a las viejas que tienen bolsas blancas, las corre y les ladra. Ahora estamos parando en el barrio q se llama Marylebone, estamos en Dunwerston St y Crawford, a tres cuadras de Baker Street y d el aestacion, muy cerquita del Madame Tussaud's museo y de la casa de Sherlock Holmes. Le toque la puerta pero parece que estaba ocupado resolviendo un caso de un argentino y un yankee tratando de vivir en Londres. Mas notcias en un tiempo!


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so you move to london and you don't tell your new york friends?

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