Our Daily Kerfuffle

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jesse & Sara's B-day

Sara & Jesse celebrated their b-day in Budapest...second B-day here in Budapest for Jess. We went to the caves in the Buda hills and then had amazing cakes in the castle district, walking distance from home. Later we went to "Happy Bank", that's the name of the Italian Restaurant were we had dinner along with our pals. I guess the bank is happy Nowww.....hahahaha/////Sara y Jesse celebraron el cumple. Fue la segunda vez que Jesse festeja en Budapest. Fuimos a las cavernas de Buda y despues a comer torta a un lugar aca en el distrito del castillo, a pasos de casa. Luego fuimos a "Banco feliz", el restaurante italiano donde cenamos con amigos. Tomamos fernet con cola! y comimos tano.

NY- Paprika Party

Paprika party!!!! at Keybar in teh east Village, we were going back and forth between Keybar and Phoenix bar. It was hot to see the NY crowd having fun with us. I aopologize for those who are not in the pictures, I can post only 5 and I selected funny ones...I think.....well it's for you to decide...I guess.///Fiesta del Pimenton, lo hicimos en el bar keybar pero ibamos y veniamos entre ese bar y el del enfrente llamado Phoenix, Phoenix es un bar gay y el Keybar es cool pero no hay tantos gays...buenos que se yo, es otra onda, la cosa es que fue bueno ver a todos pasandola bien. Besotes!

New York, New York

We had 4 amazing days in NY. We walked our old streets..... had Christmas with Mimi & Jerry...went to Tea & Sympathy , had a party and even squeezed a Broadway play ....but moslty we managed to see our dearest friends and have nice time with them, God it was so hot there...not snow at all!...// Pasamos 4 dias barbaros, fuimos a nuestros lugares favoritos, tuvimos la fiesta en un bar hungaro, festejamos navidad..otra vez con Mimi & Jerry , fuimos a tomar te a un lugar ingles (favorito de Jesse) y tambien comimos sushi en nuestro lugar y hasta vimos una obra en Broadway....realmente sacamos provecho de los dias calidos....la pasamos lindo con nuestros amigos. I love NY!!!!


So...we went to Parana (my hometown) and we stayed with mama Marta and visit my dad and you can see me baby brother Nacho sitting on my dad's lap...he doesn't like pictures...it seems...with Lea and cris we went to a small canal where the water was fantastic...can't remember the name. Coming back to baires we went in a bus with Gabo & Silvia ( "bondi") to have some lunch. It was our re-union....the fantasic 4...all the oliva's re united (that did not happened for I think 8 years.)////Fuimos a Parana y nos quedamos con mi vieja, la Marta. Visitamso a mi papa y a mi medio hermano...medio porque es muy chiquito....nacho, es un dulce. Con Lea y Cris fuimos a un arroyo y nos refrescamso con agua y mates. En baires tomamos un bondi ( gran atraccion turistica) con Gabo y Silvia y nos fuimos a comer, hacia 8 aƱos que los 4 hermanos no estabams juntos (fisicamente) , asi que fue in dia especial. ( falsaaa...falsaaa.....falsaaaaa...falluta) jajajaj (broma interna)