Our Daily Kerfuffle

Friday, October 27, 2006


So we went to Germany again, we went for a huge party that friends from NY organized there. It was fun and we had a great time, we saw Mike there!!...how random is that?. We met with Sam and Gunther, of course, and we went to Krausberg and other hoods. We met very interesting people, yes...Sam gave us a tour form his commute bus and it was great!, we catch up with sushi, right, Jess? and Jesse read the whole Butt magazine at the Taschen Store, yes jess, you love camp literature./// Volvimos a Berlin, fuimos a una fiesta que amigos de NY organizaron. Estuvimos con Gunther y Sam, por supuesto. En la fiesta , nos encontramos con MIke, un amigo de NY, que loco!...comimos Sushi, Jesse se puso al dia con sushi y con la revista Butt en el local de Taschen, como le gustan la literatura trashy!


So we arrived in Amsterdam and we stayed in a cozy place. Went to Rembrandt House, smoked some herbs and got lost, of course. Beautiful days a beautiful town. They have such a cool chinatown, that was the first thing that I found! So many argentineans restaurants, can't believe it!! I guess that's why they call it red zone, because of the meat from Argentina, not for the girls...c' mon people. Jesse and Jerry went for bike rides and I went with the girls to do some shopping, couldn't handle bikes these days, not sure why. We also celebrated Mimi's B-day in advance, we won't be in NY so we went to a ...mmm...let me guess...Argentinean??...well it wasn't really but it was nice.// Llegamos a Amsterdam, me sorprendio lo lindo que es, me recordo mucho a Venecia. Fuimos a la casa de Rembrandt y nos tocaron dias re lindos. Hay muchisimos restaurantes Argentinos, ahora se por que le llaman la zona roja, no es por las chicas, es por la carne argentina!...impresionante. Jesse y Jerry fueron a dar vueltas en bici y nosotros fuimos a coprar ropa (mimi y Sara). No podia manejar bicis, fumamos tantos fasos que andaba perdido todo el tiempo. Ni bien llegue me perdi y quede en el centro del Chinatown, esta buenisimo! Festejamos el cumple de Mimi por adelanatdo ya que no estaremos en NY. fuimos a una resto argentino, colombiano Chileno, una mezclaaaaaa

Monday, October 09, 2006

Jerusalem, Dead Sea & Shana Tova/ Jerusalem, Mar Muerto y Anio Nuevo

Jerusalem....ay ay ay...what a place, muslims, catholics and jewish poeple walking down the streets. All the sacred places for each religion, couldn't asimilate everything right away so we ate in a great place, small ...for locals...nice hummus and soup...we talked candid topics and we were overheard by a weirdo that follow us ...kind of....we had our own Via Dolorosa with him. We went to the wailing wall, did the via dolorosa and went thru tunnels under Jeruslaem...oh!..and run away from merchants and sellers...head of pigs and cats. Next day we went to the Dead sea, we did the mud treatment and I got water in my eyes so I was kind of blind for some minutes.we learnt some sign language with some arabian girls that were there. We met argentineans from Cordoba and help them after when the car broke. We came back and we celebrate Shana tova...shana tova ...shana tova!!...we had an amazing dinner with Shahar's family.I think is a tradition for one of the members to eat he's own hand. SHANA TOVA!!//Jerusalem, que lugar!...musulmanes, catolicos y judios, todos en un solo lugar..por las calles. Se respira tanta religion en el aire que decidimos ir a un localcito musulman y comer hummus y tomar una sopa. Estabamso hablando temas candentes cuando uno nos escucho y no lo podiamos sacar de encima. Hicimos la via dolorosa, fuimos al muro de los lamentos y a los tuneles. Escapamos de los vendedore y de los gatos. Al otro dia fuimos al mar muerto, descansamos y conocimos a unos cordobeses, muy simpaticos. Los ayudamos luego ya que el auto se les rompio. De vuelta fuimos a la casa de la mama de Shahar a celebrar el año nuevo, cenamos riquisimo y fumamos hookah.Uno de los miembros de la familia se come su propia mano por tradicion... SHANA TOVA!!


Finally we went to Israel, I wanted to go for years and we did it! - Shahar & Ido made our trip fantastic, we stayed wit them in their apartment. They are so close to the beach.. (which by the way is amazing)....to the fresh market....(it's crazy!).. to the Esther Centre ( wow....we don't know what it is yet but someday we find out)...and to the best french fries place ever....Mr. Patate. We went to the beach almost everyday, walked along the promenade and watch sunsets from Yaffa. We hang out in Yaffa too and the guys took us to have some hummus in the best place ever, dessert and coffee later or tea with nana. Yaffa has this huge antique market and lots of interetsing streets. Napoleon was there and killed all the hood. Shahar took us to a beach next to an arabian hood.....can't remember the name...but it was really cool. Nightlife is crazy, specially private parties, the music is so Israel. I had a chance to buy yerba mate and to drink one from some argentineans that were on the beach. We had a great time. One of the cool things is that a Gansta rapper picked us up in the airport...///Finalmente llegamos a Israel, hacia años que queria ir y no puedo creer que espere tanto!, Shahar e Ido nos ayudaron muchisimo. paramos con ellos en su departamento y estan tan bien ubicados!..cerca de la playa (esta tan buena!), cerca del mercado de frutas, cerca del centro Esther (no sabemos que es todavia!) y cerca de "Señor papa", un locoal que venden papas fritas y cerveza, el mejor de Israel (local de Ido). Fuimos a yaffa, es una zona donde esta la vieja ciudad y es hermoso, hay feria de antiguedades y muchos locales y calles interesantes. Napoleon desmbarco ahi y mato a todos en el barrio. La noche de Tel Aviv es loquisima, fuimos a una fiesta privada y la musica era muy peculiar. la pasamos lindo. El que nos llevo del aeropuerto al depto era un gangsta rapper....mmm

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hale vs Hale / Los Hale's se reunen en Austria

Austria...after years of not seeing each other Peter met his brother Andrew and his girlfriend (they live in Germany). We walked all over the city and got a chance to see the new lightning of the Opera house, there were fireworks after, duncan hated it. We all stayed at the same hotel and at night we ate at a Thai Restaurant...yyyyyeeees!!!! ( Sandi Shemmerlein will appreciate this) ....anyways...we saw the brothers re united..and they were talking in german, they look so cute together and they look alike. WE LOVE YOU HALE'S!!!! // Los hermanos hale se reunieron en Austria y ahi estuvimos. peter hacia años que no veia a su hermano que vive en Alemania. fue loco verlos hablar en Aleman, Pedro se crio ahi hasta los 10 años. se parecen mucho y el hermano es tan encantador como Pedro. la novia es re copada tambien. paseamos por todo Austria por dos dias y obvio....llevamos a Duncan.

Kosice (Slovakia)/ Kosice (Eslovakia)

Wow!!...we went to Kosice (Slovakia) to pick up our visas but they weren't ready. It sucked but we went after 4 days and we have them now. Peter went with us and so as Duncan. We wacthed the dancing waters they danced "don't cry for me Argentina".....music was coming from everywhere in the main square. Duncan was looking at everybody for treats , did some prays at the cathedral and chase some nuns. In the background we listened the entire Paris Hilton cd from a record store and we were surprised that was her! ( yes...it was weird...the whole scene). Andy Warhol's parents were from Kosice and also barbara Pisch...she is as cool as Andy!(she is our friend & neighbour in NY)/ Fuimos a Kosice en Eslovakia, con Pedro y con Duncan. En la plaza principal hay aguas danzantes, van al compas de la musica y pasaron "no llores por mi Argentina"..snif...luego escuchamos el cd de Paris Hilton mientras esperabamos nuestras visas...la musica de paris venia de una disqueria. Las visas no estaban listas aun asi que volvimos dias despues. Los Padres de Andy Warhol vivian en Kosice y tambien Barbara Pisch, nuestra amiga y vecina en NY, es tan copada como Andy!

Peter & Stacy in Paprika Land / Pedro & Stacy en Pimientolandia

So they got here, after being in London for a while.....they made it. Wow, what a great time we had. Stacy first time in Budapest.....searching for ancestors...shetold us amazing stories of 911 in NYC...naked woman in the subway...so.... we had cool dinners and some lap dance over there...rb's....strangers sleeping in our living room...we went to some "trendy" parties. We can't wait to see you guys again!/ Despues d ehaber estado en Londres Pedrito & Stacy llegaron. Es la primera vez que Stacy viene a Europa y vino ya que sus ancestros son de aca. Ella maneja una ambulancia en NY y nos conto historias del 911 (# de emergencia). Nos reimos mucho, mujeres desnudas, locas en el subte..etc. Comimos en varios restaurantes y en nuestro living habia extraños durmiendo...mm....algun que otro taxi boy...y baile en la falda...ok,no cuento mas! fuimosa una fiesta que estuvo re locaaaa en un lugar llamado Trendy, fiesta gay. La pasamos re copado, vengan otra vez guys!